Best Headphone under $50

Treat your ears with a deep voice, we tested and reviewed several best headphone under $50 for you to give you the information. Wireless headphones, noise canceling, and exciting features. We have gathered the best and latest selection of headsets, which take different approaches to a common goal: good surround sound entertainment to gamers, music lovers, or home cinema.

1. Ear Force X12 

Ear Force X12 is Super-sensitive mic picks up headphones even whispers and mumbles; this was the single biggest factor to my purchasing these to replace my previous headset. Great sound, not overly and you can control the amount of bass with the Bass Boost dial. XBOX controller connection is compatible with the chat pad and all Rock Band/DJ Hero/Guitar Hero controllers without an adapter, unlike the Sharkoons. Extremely comfortable, even with glasses and after multiple hours of continuous use.While they're not noise-canceling, I'd say they cut external noise at least in half.

2. JVC Flats

JVC Flats headphones are light and the better models usually sound good. The last ones I bought broke last week, one of the earphones gave out, and I immediately looked them up online to see if they are still being sold and I couldn't find them. So, with dread in my heart, I began searching for a cheap replacement set. After reading a lot of great reviews I ordered the panasonic RPH21. These did not sound good to my ears at all and were quite uncomfortable. I was starting to get discouraged because in my experience, with the exception of the vertical sonys, most headphone to me don't sound very good.

3. Panasonic RP-HT21
These are the best portable headphones in this price range. Good bass and smooth, natural sound. In fact they would probably still be the best bang for the buck at three times the price. If you can afford more, consider the Sennheiser PX100 for about 40-50 dollars. But if you're on a budget or don't want to worry about losing or breaking a more expensive pair of headphones, these are definitely the ones to get


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